Medication Drop off Early Bird Hours – Thursday and Friday

We will be accepting medications on Thursday and Friday of this week (8/24 and 8/25)  in the main office for early bird drop off. We will accept medications and the associated paperwork from 12 pm – 4 pm on Thursday and Friday.  We can also accept medication Thursday evening at the Family Huddles.  Please consider making your family’s first day of school less hectic by ticking this box ahead of time! 


We are excited to introduce our new school nurse, Nurse Lawson.  If you need to submit health forms, please email them to or bring them into the office.  If you need to connect with Nurse Lawson, the phone number to the nurse’s suite is 202-282-0116 and her email address is .  As she is transitioning into the building, please feel to also cc me with any questions and we can help address your needs.


Please remember we require provider orders for ALL medications, including over the counter and topicals. There are no “stock” medications in the health suite; all medications must be provided by parents. Medication and treatment orders are valid for one year from the date they are written. The medication form can be found here: DOH Medication and Treatment Form


Please remember that prescription medications must have the original pharmacy label and the order must match the label. Over the counter medications do not need a pharmacy label, but they do need to be unopened, in the original packaging and match the order. (i.e. the medication plan says to administer 10ML Motrin PRN, but the medication provided is in tablet form–this cannot be accepted). Please also double check your medication’s expiration date before bringing them in!