Supporting your child during civil unrest

As the world is watching civil unrest and the pain of  what is happening in communities in Gaza and Israel the Lafayette community would like to acknowledge the effect that this may have on the communities and faiths represented. This also applies to  all of us watching and wishing peace and understanding will lead to and end of the atrocities.  We also have the responsibility of being a beacon of support and patience towards the youngest members of our community, our students.  In this day and age when students do not have a shield from seeing things that are happening, we can imagine that there are questions, fears and curiosity coming from them towards each other. In difficult times, it is important that we demonstrate care and compassion in an environment where all voices are heard and respected.

The Lafayette Mental Health team, teachers and staff will continue to be a source of support.  Processing spaces for students and staff are available. Affinity and Support Spaces will be in place next week.   Should you have any direct concerns for student(s) please contact Dr. Broquard who can connect you to the Mental Health team member that services that grade.

In these challenging times, together, I am confident that the Lafayette ES  community can be a example of inclusivity, support and unity.

Some resources that can be helpful: