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January 2021

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Safety Protocols Parent Huddle Presentations and Recordings

ReOpening Safety Protocols Parent Huddle Thanks to everyone who joined us Thursday evening to learn more about the safety protocols, COVID testing, and COVD response as we gear up to open in a week! If you missed the huddle or would like to have access to the slides, the...

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Lafayette LSAT Recommendation on the DCPS Proposal to Either Reduce Pre-K Classrooms or Move the Pre-K Program to the Military Road School

Executive Summary (see link for entire letter): While we appreciate DCPS’ efforts to address enrollment growth issues at Lafayette, the Local School Advisory Team must emphasize that the process of notification, community engagement, and information flow around the rollout of the proposal has been incredibly detrimental to our ability...

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Resources to Respond to the Attack on the Capitol

Dear Lafayette, Never have we seen our democracy or governmental buildings aggressed upon in such an overt, brazen, and disturbing fashion.  As I sat up last night and watched the speeches on the Senate floor, I found myself on an emotional rollercoaster.  In processing with my own two children, the...

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